Budget Program & Pricing Options

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Price Protection

At Stocker Oil we realize there is no one best way to purchase fuel. This is primarily because the energy market can be unpredictable. Therefore, we believe that offering our customers choices is the best way to bring them value. Whatever fuel purchasing process or program you choose, Stocker Oil is there with you; delivering the best options.

Budget Plans

Current economic conditions have driven us all to try to cut costs wherever we can. Budget Plan is a great way to take the "bite" out of this winter's heating bills. This plan estimates your total annual heating bill and divides your payments equally over the course of the year. Rather than having expensive bills during the middle of the winter, you can have more moderate bills equally spaced throughout the year. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of this payment method because it helps keep the family budget manageable. You may also choose to include other services in this plan, including your Service Contract. For more information about this valuable program, please give our office a call today at 978-535-5180.