Our Services

At Stocker Oil, we service all makes and models of heating and air conditioning equipment, as well as deliver fuel oil and kerosene to our automatic delivery or will call customers. Our in-house service technicians perform all of our installations and service calls. We offer service plans and easy payment options, including automatic payments on credit card for budget plans and fuel delivery. We service all types of residences, including mobile home parks.

Heating System Service and Installations

Our certified and experienced technicians are skilled in installing, servicing, and maintaining all types of heating systems. Whether you are in need of service to your boiler, furnace, water heater, or steam system, or if you'd like to install a new system, we're at your service! We carry top-of-the-line manufacturers manufacturers and test your equipment to see if it’s running at peak efficiency.

Air Conditioning Service and Installations

Offering much more than your standard oil provider, Stocker Oil provides many air conditioning services such as repairs and installations of the most up-to-date equipment in the market! We service ALL makes and models of ductless and central air conditioning systems; these A/C systems can provide more efficient and even cooling distribution for your home comfort than conventional wall air conditioning units. Our trained & experienced technicians have the tools necessary to provide exceptional air conditioning service and keep you cool!

Natural Gas System Service

We understand that not all homeowners choose oil as their home heating source. Because of this, we've expanded our services to include oil to gas conversions and installations. Our qualified technicians are experts, making your oil to gas conversion process safe and reliable, providing your home with better energy efficiency.

Thinking of converting to Natural Gas?

Our Sales Manager offers no cost, no obligation appointments and estimates to all customers! He works closely with your natural gas provider to arrange the installation process, works directly with you to determine if you are eligible for financing or rebates offered by Mass Save and helps ensure that the conversion process goes smoothly for you! Call us today for a FREE appointment!


Water condenses from the air inside your tank and sinks through the oil to the tank bottom where it forms an acidic sludge that causes random pitting and rusting. Tank-Guard® attacks only the acidic sludge, safely neutralizing it to protect your tank against leaking.

Homeowner Benefits:

  • Effective corrosion inhibitor reduces the chance of tank failure
  • Tank reimbursement or replacement warranty
  • Automatic annual renewal to maintain tank protection
  • Cost effective protection - just pennies a day
  • "Peace-of-mind"
  • Proactive answer to any tank worries
  • Warranty provides financial protection


No Heat Check List

  • Check that your thermostat setting is at least 5 degrees higher than your current room temperature. Note, some thermostats also need to be set to "Heat".
  • Check the batteries in your thermostat to see if they need to be replaced.
  • Check to see if the power switch near the system is set to the "ON" position. Note, there may also be another emergency power switch that controls the system's operation.
  • Make sure the circuit breakers are on. It is common for a breaker to trip. The circuit breaker box looks like a metal wall cabinet. It's usually located in the basement or utility room.
  • Check the amount of oil in your tank. If you have an aboveground tank, an attached gauge will show you the level, like a fuel gauge in a car. If the tank gauge reads less than 1/8 full or appears to be empty, you may be out of fuel.
  • Reset your system. Press and hold the reset button on the burner for 3 seconds. This will reset your unit and may restore your heat. If your system does not start after you push the reset button, DO NOT PUSH IT AGAIN. It could cause the combustion chamber to flood with oil and result in a lengthy and costly repair.
  • If you still do not have heat, contact the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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